10 Top Website Design Tips for Beginner Designers

Anyone who owns a business, be it an online presence or a brick-and-mortar location, knows that great marketing is essential to success. Whether your business is eCommerce or not, the principles of good marketing are the same. You need a website design if you want to grow your business and sell more products.

Creating a website doesn’t automatically mean people will find your business and know about it. If you want your business to stand out from others and be found when someone searches for what you have to offer, then you need an effective website design. This article covers some of the best tips for designing websites for beginners.

Have a Clear SEO Strategy

You should optimise your website design for search engines. If you don’t have a clear SEO strategy, then your website probably won’t rank well, and you won’t be able to reach the audience your business needs.

Make sure that you create a website that is streamlined and easily navigable. Ensure your website has easy-to-read navigation so people can see what they want quickly. This will make it easier for people who find it online to get what they need. Keep in mind, too, that humans are lazy; if someone has spent more time searching for something on your site or navigating their way through your website, they may not feel compelled to purchase from your business anymore.

To conclude, keep these tips in mind when designing a place for yourself or another business: use white space and various content formats to help promote a positive user experience and make the design more exciting and engaging. Keep in mind that people like things that are familiar when they first encounter them: keep this in mind while designing the layout of your site, so users know where they’re at within moments of visiting it. 

#1 Have a clear SEO strategy

#2 Optimise the design for search engines

Web design for beginners

Test, Test and Test Again

Before you even start, create a test website. This will give you an idea of what your audience is looking for and what they want from your business. You’ll have a better idea of how to market your website and the features best for getting people to purchase from your site.

Next, after you have an idea of the content on your website, create different variations of your site with different layouts or designs. If you stick to one form, visitors will likely find it boring and uninteresting. This will make it difficult for them to invest in what you offer.

After creating multiple versions, test them again. Do this by trying out different approaches such as A/B testing or split testing, both text and images combined with text only. Test which layouts get the most views and clicks and which words get more interest than others with tools like Google Site Optimizer (GSO).

Add Some Animation to Your Site

Animations can turn a bland website into something more dynamic, attractive, and appealing. Suppose you have a scrolling background or slideshow on which you want to focus your design. In that case, adding some animations will help draw people’s attention to it.

The best browser for looking at websites is Google Chrome. It has a lot of features that other browsers don’t have. For instance, it has a built-in ad blocker that can be turned on in its settings.

Be Careful with Flash Websites

For a long time, websites were created using Flash. It was easy to create a website and quickly changed the Internet landscape. But Flash has largely fallen out of favour as other technologies have taken place.

Flash websites make it difficult for people to navigate through your site and see your content. 

You also might have trouble with search engine optimisation (SEO) if you create a website in Flash. When you use Flash on a website, your website will be slow to load, which can take away from potential sales. Furthermore, when you use Flash on your website, people won’t be able to see all of your content simultaneously because it’s not optimised for mobile or tablet users.

Always Include a Complementary PDF/Ebook Offer on Your site.

A complementary offer is one of the best ways to draw people to your website. Suppose you offer a free ebook or video, for example. In that case, you’re more likely to encourage people to buy because they feel they are getting something in return.

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Use Video and Audio When Possible

Regarding the design of your website, you should use video and audio whenever possible. While the text is essential for your website design, video and audio are just as important. Not only do these content types help to engage your audience, but they also draw in customers who can’t read or understand the text.

Video and audio are also suitable for SEO ranking. The video contributes explicitly a bit more than text content to SEO ranking efforts because it’s more eye-catching and gives people the opportunity to watch an advertisement before they click through to your site.


It’s important to know what you like and what you don’t. This is because every website design has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, when it comes time to start building your site, ensure you know what you like and don’t. Whatever you decide, make sure you have a clear SEO strategy set up before you get started with the design.

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