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Henderson Photographics


What We Did

Henderson Photographics was operating their previous website for a very long time and were desperately in need of a re-vamp. 

Now, the team at Henderson Photographics aren’t your regular photographers. The difference with Henderson’s photography lies in their range of capabilities. Hendersons are able to provide professional commercial shoots all the way to intimate wedding captures. Because of this range of capabilities, Henderson’s didn’t want commercial visitors coming to their website, and seeing wedding photos.

To best solve this problem, we created a beautiful homepage that welcomes all visitors, and from they we carefully segmented the website into different sections where customers can navigate to.

What’s Included?


Client Feedback

“Christian delivered our beautiful new website on time and on budget with no disturbance to our workflow. We are impressed with this young man’s professionalism, SEO knowledge and creativity. Check out Henderson Photographics to see this project.”

Sarah Henderson

Owner/Lead Photographer at Henderson Photographics




Before and After

Feel free to use our interactive slider to see the amazing change that we made to Henderson’s Website.

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The Design

The Final Product...