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What is it that we can do to boost your businesses online presence?
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What We Do

Here at DrumFish we are able to provide our clients with an array of services throughout their experience with us. We offer three core services to all of our clients and they are as below. Each service has it’s own page dedicated to informing you of what it is all about.

Website Design

Site Maintenance


The DrumFish Difference

What Goes Into Our Websites

The below are services that we believe are a must when it comes to creating a website for any type of business.

All Device Optimization

We could inform you of the overwhelming statistics of how much website traffic comes from mobile devices, but you already know this. This is why all of our websites are developed to be responsive and user-friendly whether they be viewed on a tablet, mobile, PC, or laptop.

Story telling

We understand that your website is more than just an online location to display a few images and a bit of text. We know that a great website can do a lot more than that. A great website has the ability to tell a story through visual and audible elements in order to spark an emotional response from your audience.

Excellent Support

From the moment you agree to working with us, you will never be left in the dark when it comes to your website. You will receive constant support, not only throughout the project, but going forward as well.

Strategic Planning

A strategy plan is like a business plan for your website. It’s purpose is to outline the path you want to take, and the challenges you expect to see along the way. We will help you put a strategic plan specialized to your needs in place.


Our Website Development Process

We love developing a vision with you and taking it to reality. Here’s how we work:


We outline the structure of your website and what you want it to achieve.

We will work with you to determine what goals your new website needs to fulfill. To help us fully understand these goals we will ask questions like; Who is the site for? Is the sites primary goal to to inform, sell, or amuse? and so forth. Once we know the site’s goals, we can start to discuss what pages and features the site needs in order to reach these goals.


We design and develop your website keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Now that we have an understanding on what we want the site to achieve, we will start creating content for each individual page. With the sites structure and some content in place, we can start working on the visual aspect of the website. We do this by going into the color schemes and layouts that will effect your businesses identity. Depending on your business, this may already be well-defined, and if that is the case we will work with that. But if not, we are more than happy to help.



We test your website to make sure everything runs smoothly.

By now, we’ve tied all of the pages that we’ve created into one beautiful website. Now it’s time to make sure that everything runs smoothly. To do this, we will test how navigable the site is on a variety of different devices such as laptops, PC’s, mobiles, and tablets. By doing this we will be able to identify everything from simple broken links, to user experience issues.


Time to LAUNCH!

Once everything’s working seamlessly, it’s time to execute your site launch! There still might be certain things that need minor adjustments going forward, but that is what maintenance is for. Website design is an on-going and fluid pursuit that requires constant maintenance. Design in general, but especially web design is all about finding the right balance between functions and forms, and this is an ongoing, ever-changing procedure.